NorthSay 3/4 FUTURE Unisex Leggings

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- Functional material

- Can be downloaded at the waist drawstring

- On the back of a small zippered pocket

Material: SHIELD


Composition: 80% PES 20% elastin

Weight: 240 g / m2

Elastic fabric with 50+ UV protection. It has a high density, compact structure, high hiding power and excellent breathability. Powered by MITI Tech Power created for the production of elastic knitted fabric with increased compression. Higher compression feature fabric helps delaying fatigue during sports.Compression feature prevents small shocks in the muscles and the body consumes energy to eliminate these shocks. This makes it possible to achieve higher performance.

In practice also proves its "cooling" effect


Made in Czech 

* This item is pre-order with payment. Once we meet a minimum order (which will be very fast) we will have the items shipped from Czech Republic. Appox wait 5 weeks* If you are not happy with the item or the fit is incorrect full refunds will be issued. Thank you for helping Parcours bring NorthSay to the states!!*